Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Renewing Our Vows

In June, Junior and I will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. There are days that I can not believe we have been together this long. Then there are days when it feels like we have been married forever.

When we got married, we did the whole court house thing. I never had a real wedding, and sometimes I wish that I did. It is during those moments that I plan what kind of wedding I would have liked, and think that maybe one day I can actually have it. Not with another guy, but with Junior. I think one day I might want to renew our vows. This time around I can send out wedding invitations and hire a DJ and photographer. When I did get married, I didn't let anyone take any pictures, which is kind of sad. I do not have one picture of Junior and I from that day.

I think that maybe our 20th anniversary, in five years, will be the perfect time to renew our vows. I remember when my grandparents did it, and it was a beautiful ceremony. Our wedding invitations will have to say "renewal of vows" instead of wedding. The kids can be a part of it too, as flowers girls or bridesmaids. Ryan would be the best man, I'm sure.

Now I just have to save up enough money to make this happen. I doubt I can hit my dad up twenty years late.

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