Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dyeing The Eggs

I know Easter was like a week ago, it's just that I have been really slack in posting pictures. I still have a bunch from our trip to the mountains to post, too.

Anyway, I was hoping that this year, we could skip the whole egg dyeing thing. I mean, Ryan is 14, Kasi is about to be 13, and Brandi is 8. It's Brandi who decided that she is still young enough to do it. Thankfully my little nephew was dyeing some, so we went to my sisters and Brandi did it with him.

I am really hoping that next year, at 9, she will finally be old enough that we can skip it.


B Boys Mom said...

I love dyeing eggs. I had to make my boys do it. I really wanted a egg salad sandwich that day and wanted to use the dyed eggs. They had fun. Next year I may just be doing it.

jenn said...

Tammy ~ feel free to come dye eggs with Brandi next year! :)