Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Talk About Bugs

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Spring is here, which means flowers are blooming and gardens are being planted.  I always loved having a garden full of tomatoes, cucumbers and squash, and wish I could plant a garden here.  I probably could, but the guy who mows the grass would probably mow it over, and that would be an incredible waste of money.  So for this year, I will just steal the veggies I love out of other family members gardens.

Consider yourselves warned, family of mine.

I was able to convince Junior to buy me a hanging plant, and I hung it outside my front door on a hook that was already there.  I was wanting ferns, but they are so expensive.  The flower I got is purple, but I can't remember the name of it.  Pansies, I think.  Thankfully, it is growing beautifully, with no signs of bugs or disease.

If you find your gardens, or flowers, or even house plants infested with bugs, you should try EndALL insect spray.  It kills 45 different insects on contact, from eggs to adults, and is safe to use in organic gardens.  The website says is uses a "unique formulation of organic insecticides that has been blended to kill on contact. Organic Pyrethrin and soap kill adult and larval stages while Neem oil kills the eggs to prevent re-infestation".  You can use it on your plants up until the day before harvesting, but they recommend not spraying your plants in the heat of the day, because that could lead to photo toxicity (burn from the sun). 

If I had to use a spray, I would feel better using one that is organic.  I don't want harsh chemicals on the veggies I'm going to be eating.

Would you?
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