Monday, April 26, 2010

Learning Poker In Online Casinos

 I am beginning to wonder what my son does at school all day.  Last week, he came home begging me to teach him how to play poker.  When I asked him why, he said he wanted to be able to join the kids at school when they play.

Wait, the kids are playing poker at school?

He said yes, they do, during one of his classes.  I can't remember which. I know it is getting to be the end of the year and all, but playing poker at school is a little wrong.  At least to me.  But, being the super cool mom I am, I decided it wouldn't hurt if he knew how to play, so I agreed to teach him.

The only problem is that my experience with playing poker is limited to the few times I played with my grandparents when we were all still living in NY.  That was quite a few years ago, and apparently, these kids play differently than I do.  So, I now have to do a little research, and play poker at an onlinecasinotx to brush up a bit.  Ryan specifically wants to learn Texas Hold Em.  I have never played this, so I will be learning it for the first time myself.

I just hope the kids aren't playing for real money.  I am pretty sure it is illegal for minors to gamble.


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