Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Brandi has always been my special child when it comes to food. She likes chocolate, but is the kid who still has Halloween candy in April. If we get her a happy meal, she used to put the leftovers in the pantry to eat later. (yes, in the pantry, and then I would find it and throw it away, and tell her that she needs to put leftovers in the fridge, not the pantry, but then next time she'd do the same thing...)

Anyway, she decided a few weeks ago that she no longer wants me to put sandwiches in her lunch. She wants yogurt.

Specifically, Yoplait strawberry cheesecake yogurt. She loves it! I guess I shouldn't be complaining, though. Last year, she took salad every day. Yogurt is a whole lot easier than making salads.

Is this weird for a second grader?

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South Carolina Mom said...

Nope, not weird at all! Thomas packs a yogurt in his lunch on a daily basis. My kids live on Yoplait, and I love it because it's healthy, quick, and easy!!