Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hearts Of Clay

My girls got gift certificates for Christmas to a pottery place, and up until a week ago, I had completely forgotten about them. Bad mom, I know. I convinced my mom to take the girls and I today, and they had so much fun. Kasi painted a fairy, complete with black wings. Weird, I know. Brandi painted a back, shaped as a moon with a fairy sleeping on it. They both did great jobs. We had to leave them at the place to be glazed and fired. We'll go back next week to pick up the finished pieces.

I hinted to Junior (okay, I straight out told him) that he should take the kids to make me a Mother's Day gift.

I hope he listens.

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The Ruter Family said...

We used to have a pottery place here in town called Let's Do the Dishes. My daughter loved going there, and I did too! Plus it made easy, relatively inexpensive gift ideas for gramma and great gramma. Who doesn't love something hand painted? Unfortunately, the owner moved and took the business with her. :(