Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Jewelry

I have been thinking about Christmas a lot lately.  I have a few gifts for the kids, but not enough to fill beneath the tree.  I have a few things for my nieces and nephews, but there are still other people to buy for.

I used to have a few Jewish friends when I lived in NY, and I always loved the jewelry they wore.  I found a site online that sells Jewish Jewelry and the pieces they have are so beautiful.  I am not sure what this pendent symbolizes, but I would wear it. 
I also found this Five Metals Ring, and even though I read the description of the ring, I don't really understand it's significance.   I think it is supposed to bring success to whomever wears it.
I also found this very pretty Star of David.   They have one that has a purple stone in the center, too, and you all know that one would be my favorite.
Do you think I could give Jewish jewelry to my family for Christmas, or is that bad?

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