Sunday, October 17, 2010


All summer, I had a heavy sheet covering the windows in my living room.  I finally took it down a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying the sunshine.  I get a lot of sunlight through those windows, which heats up the house quite a bit.  This was not a good thing when it was 100 degrees outside.  Now that it is getting cooler outside, the sunlight feels good.

Next summer, I want to find some Cheap Vertical Blinds to put on the windows.  I am hoping that they might keep out more of the sun.   As much as I loved the way the sheet worked, it looked ridiculous.  Whenever I took a picture of the kids inside the house, I always made sure the sheet didn't show. 

I spent years living with sheets hanging in doorways during the summer to keep certain rooms cool when we used window air conditioners.  When we moved here, I loved that we didn't have to do that anymore because we now have central air conditioning.  Then I had to hang the sheet on the window.  I don't want to have to do that anymore, either.

I want my house to only have sheets on the beds from now on.

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