Tuesday, October 26, 2010


 Do you watch movies online?  I don't, but only because I pay good money every month for all the cable movie channels.  Plus, I never know which online sites are legal, and I am afraid of getting into trouble.  I know that sounds a little nuts, but that's me.  If you do watch movies online, using Rapidshare Search can make it easier to find the movies you are looking for. You can also use them to search for games and apps. 

I think I am going to go watch a movie.  I guess I am easily influenced, because writing about Rapidshare has put me in the mood to watch a good scary movie.  Or maybe it's Halloween that's doing it.  Either way, I am going to go scare myself a little while.

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Dawn said...

I used to always use those kind of sites. But, I always seemed to get viruses and had all kinds of problems. Let me know if you use it. I bookmarked it !