Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Am Chef Extraordinaire

Guest post written by Sam Grenwich

Ever since I retired, I have been trying to think of some different hobbies to keep me occupied for when I spend a lot of time in the house. I determined that after many years of ordering out and heating things up in the house I would finally learn how to do a little cooking of my own. My wife Donna is an artisan in the kitchen and I’ve enjoyed her cooking for years, but now I want to do a little cooking of my own.

One of my first concoctions was the result of a recipe I found online for an Italian ziti dish like my mother used to make for my father and I when I was a child. With internet instruction, it really wasn’t too bad. Donna was there to give me a few pointers along the way.

Since the ziti dish turned out so well, I was looking for new recipes for the next day—then I saw an ad for , which reminded me of my much-needed hearing test I had to make before too long—what luck? Afterwards, I found a great recipe for a Red Velvet Cake. I’ll think I’ll make that one for Donna tomorrow.

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