Friday, October 22, 2010

The last little bit

Guest post written by Patrick Dennis

We've been working on fixing up the pool house so it will look a lot better next summer and it's kind of a been a huge pain in the you know where. We just haven't really taken care of it over the years like we should and now we're definitely paying for it.

Now, it's not a very pool house and a lot of times we just mainly use it to store stuff in but it's also an eyesore in a place where we like to entertain people by our pool, so after we closed down the pool this year we decided to fix it up some. We've gutted a lot of the stuff inside of it and are re-doing it but we also wanted to work on the outside before it got too cold. Plus, we also want to be through with it by the holidays. So we got the people from to put up some new siding on it, some that matches what's on our house now, so that it looks less out of place and like it belongs in our back yard.

They're almost through with it and I think it looks really great already.

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