Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The kids have been in school for two months now, and we are finally settled into a routine.  Bedtimes are established once again, and I finally got the kids into the habit of laying out their clothes the night before so that they aren't running around in the mornings looking for socks or underwear.  My only issue is that I don't have a place for them to lay out their book bags, shoes, and coats.  Right now, they are thrown on a chair in my kitchen, and I really want to find a spot specifically for these items. 

I looked around a little online, and found some pretty awesome log furniture.  There was this one bench in particular that I love, and it looks perfect for what I need.  What do you think?
  It's long enough to hold all three book bags and coats, and their shoes can be placed underneath it. They could even sit there to get their shoes on in the mornings, instead of fighting over space on the couch.  I will never understand why one kid needs to sit exactly where another kid is already sitting.  This is a constant, everyday thing in our house, and it drives me crazy.

This bench might just save my sanity.

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