Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Forgot

 Have you ever had those moments when you think that you have done something, only to find out that you didn't?  I had that happen today when I received a letter in the mail informing me that they were going to turn off my cable.  I could have sworn that I paid that bill a couple of weeks ago, but when I called and had them look into my account, it showed that my last payment was in September.


Thankfully they are going to hold off the disconnection and let me pay the bill when Junior gets paid next Friday.  I am the worst when it comes to money.  I get phone calls from people asking me about Consolidating My Credit Cards, and I just laugh, because we don't have any credit cards. The last one we had i paid off years ago, and I really don't want anymore.  We have been living by the motto "pay cash or do without", and that seems to be working for us.   

Except when I forget to pay the bills.


Dawn said...

That happened this month with our electric bill !! We got the disconnect notice. I 'thought' that I payed it. I was wrong. Paid half Friday and will pay the other half this Friday !! Couldn't do without power !! LOL

jenn said...

Dawn ~ I have been so worried about getting everything for Ryan's party, it completely slipped my mind I guess. I honestly thought I paid it.