Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Formula ~ Which Is Better?

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I think women all around the world know that breast feeding their babies is important.  A mother's milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs to grow up healthy.  But sometimes, breast feeding is not an option, and mothers have to rely on baby formula. 

Some women believe that the more expensive name brand formulas are better for their babies than the store brand formulas.  This is completely untrue.  Every baby formula has to meet the same nutritional guidelines.  The name brand formulas are given to hospitals for free and heavily marketed, which keeps their prices high.  Store brand formulas don't spend money on advertising, so their prices are lower.  In fact, some say that a parent can save up to $600 a year simply by switching from the name brand formula to the store brand.  In my opinion, if they are nutritionally the same, why spend the extra money?

All three of my kids were formula babies, not because that is what I wanted, but because I was unable to breast feed.  I did, however, pump my milk for the first three months for each of them so they did receive some of the benefits of breast milk.  I just wish I could have done it longer.

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Nona said...

I was unable to breast feed as well, and was never able to pump more than half an oz at a time. While I wanted to breast feed, I don't think Parker is any worse off for being a formula baby.