Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Wonder If I Can Still Play?

Growing up, I remember how much I looked forward to 4th grade.  That was the year in elementary school when I could finally join chorus and learn to play an instrument.  It was also the year the whole class got to do a play.  The year I was in 4th grade, we did Cinderella, and I was the evil stepmother.  I was a good evil stepmother.

Of course, I also joined the chorus and started playing the viola.  I was really good at that, too.  I sat first chair up until 10th grade, when I realized that there were more important things in life than orchestra.  I remember when I first started learning that I picked up on it quickly.  I was more advanced than the other students who took lessons at the same time, so my (male) music teacher used to put me in the supply closet to practice more advanced pieces while he taught the rest of the class.  I guess back then I didn't see anything wrong with that, but I think I would be a little ticked nowadays if a teacher put any of my kids in a closet, even if it was for a good reason. 

The thing is, the schools didn't offer my kids the opportunity to learn an instrument.  I have been thinking about letting Ryan learn the guitar, because he is really into 80's rock, and wants to play some of those songs.  (I don't think Guitar Hero counts as lessons, either) I was checking out Adeo School's Home Page and I think they offer exactly what I am looking for.  The Adeo School's Teachers record lessons and post them online for the students to listen to and practice. They then offer the lessons either in home or in studio.  You should check out Adeo School: How it Works for yourself.

I just wish we lived closer to Atlanta (where they are located) so that Ryan could go there.  I read on their site that they even offer viola lessons, which I would love to take myself. I wonder how much I still remember?

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