Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Realistic Quotes About Life

Guest post written by Laura Peterson

You'll never see one of those posters with the cat hanging on a branch that says Hang In There in my place or in my office either. I'm not much for inspirational quotes, especially when they're paired with cute pictures of small animals. Even in college when my roommate tried to talk me into splitting the cost of one of those posters with people playing beer pong on it with a definition of Teamwork underneath, I told her I wasn't interested.

But when I was just browsing the internet last week I found some quotes that are actually worth writing down by Kurt Vonnegut. Right after I saw those I found the site and decided to change over my internet company to it because I'd been passively looking for a new one anyway.

I even wrote down one of those Vonnegut quotes down on a post it note and put it up on my computer monitor at work. It might be a little cheesy, but that quote isn't cheesy, just putting it up at my desk.

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Good quotes by Vonnegut.