Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skating Mom

Guest post written by Rebekah Holt

Even though my kids don't play soccer, that doesn't mean that I don't constantly cart them back and forth to sporting events. My daughter figure skates and my son plays hockey.

I was online looking to buy my kids some more skates coming up for the holidays. They seem to go through them so fast! When i was doing that I saw and it got my interest so I read through it. After that I showed it to my husband and we're going to switch over our internet provider to it pretty soon.

I think I found some skates that are going to work for both of them. But I'm prepared to return them just in case they don't fit right. You never can tell when it comes to kids! I think that will also give my daughter enough time to break them in before her skating competition. She is really nervous about it because she's never competed in a figure skating competition before, although she has some practice in the limelight from piano competitions.

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