Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretty Holiday Packaging

Guest post written by Ruth Wright

Gone are the days when my little girls insist on me wrapping all of their Christmas presents in tacky brightly colored wrapping paper covered in their favorite cartoons characters. I'm pretty grateful for that because I'm so sick of buying that stuff because it's more expensive and doesn't look all that nice with all my other Christmas decor.

This year I thought that I would come up with some more unique gift wrappings for the holidays, so I started looking for some ideas online when I came across some deals for an internet company and decided to CLICK and go ahead and sign up for one of them.

Even though it only lasts for a while, I think that holiday gift packaging is one of the best ways to get creative during the holidays. I love to flex my creativity and am thinking about putting all those scraps of ribbon that I have in my craft room to use on some bows for presents and then reuse them again for next year.

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