Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day

 It is beautiful outside today.  There is a chill in the air, and a beautiful breeze.  I wish I could open my windows and let all the fresh air in, but unfortunately, my windows do not have screens, and all the flies and wasps will come into the house if the windows are open.  For some reason, there are several wasps nests (or are they called hives?) along the roof line of our house, and no matter how many times we knock them down and spray, they keep coming back.  I am seriously thinking we may need Billy (the exterminator) to come take a look at our problem.  I know we have to do something, because I am ready to throw some shutters on the windows that will keep everything out, even the sun.  Of course, since this is a rental house, I would only be able to put up something temporary that we could take down should we ever decide to leave.  I am hoping that one day, someday, we will be able to get a place of our own.  but, for right now, I deal with wasps and bees by keeping the windows closed and the A/C on.


Beadwright said...

It is beautiful here today as well. Only it is cold and my heater is on.

jenn said...

Beadwright ~ I have had to put the heat on at night, but during the day, it gets hot enough for the a/c. I will never get used to the weather in SC.