Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching Up With Old Friends

Guest post written by Heather Maness

My friend Melissa and I try to get together at least once every few weeks, if not just for a quick bite to eat to catch up. It's been nearly three years since we graduated from Penn State together and we've really tried our hardest to make sure life in the real world didn't stand the way of our friendship, so that's why we keep up the regular visits as much as we can. I actually went over to her place last night for a dinner-and-a-movie combo, which was a blast.

We made this great fettuccine alfredo meal - homemade alfredo and all - plus our favorite cheesy garlic bread from the grocery store. Making it all was so much fun! She also got to show off her new sears granite countertops, which she of course was excited to do. I'm actually thinking about having some installed in my place now, after working with hers for so long. Anyway, then we sat down and finally watched Dear John together - which we'd wanted to see in theaters but just never found the time. Every time I leave one of our hangouts I can't help but smile. It's great knowing I'll always have someone to kick back with, college-style.

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