Saturday, November 13, 2010

Real Housewives DC

Guest post written by Amanda Toone

When I think about all the glamorous places to live, I don't really think about Washington DC but I guess with that being the seat of our government and all, there are lots of parties and charity events and goings on all the time there. Plus, a lot of really big politicians and famous people to rub elbows with on different occasions. So, I guess that filming a Real Housewives season there did make sense, after all.

I kept up with the whole season and watched all kinds of extra and deleted scenes from the show. When I was doing that and rewatching some stuff the other day online, I saw the site and after reading through it decided to change over our internet service to it.

But even though I really ended up liking the show in the end, out of all the Real Housewives, I just couldn't stand Michaele. It wasn't just because she and her husband crashed the White House either. She was just one of my least favorites.

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