Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last weekend, I finally got frustrated enough and unpacked the girls room myself. We've been in this place for a month now, and they were still living with everything in boxes, and their room was a mess. I had warned them that if I had to unpack their stuff, I would throw stuff away as I went. You see, they packed their room at the apartment themselves, and took everything, and I mean everything.

Four garbage bags later, their room looks great. When we first moved, I let them decide what color they wanted to accent their room with, and they decided on brown and pink. They found these really cute peel and stick decorations for the walls, and they were perfect since we are not allowed to paint.

I also decided to paint their shelves and things to match their room, which will be quite time consuming. This mirror used to hang in the hallway at the apartment, but there is no hallway here, so Kasi asked if she could have it in her room, since her dresser doesn't have a mirror. It's an old, antique-y looking thing, and it is gold. I want to paint it brown to match her room, but I am not looking forward to it. There are so many little curvy is going to take me forever!

I also want to paint this little shelf brown, with pink hearts. I am not looking forward to painting the spindle thingys, but I am sure it will come out great when it's done. I bought this shelf when Kasi was about a year old, and it has always hung in her bedroom. I wish she would have stayed with the pastel color palate, but I guess a part of growing up is that her tastes will change. At least she didn't want her room black like mine was when I lived at home.

And FYI, my black room was awesome. White walls and everything else was black. My mom decorated it for me for my birthday, and then sold the house a few months later.

I loved it while it lasted, though.

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