Monday, March 15, 2010

Postcards And Giveaways

I have seen a ton of giveaways going on these days on people's blogs! I really should start entering them, because I have won a few things in my life. I get discouraged, though, when there are already hundreds of people entered. How do these blogs get so many people to enter? I have tried doing giveaways myself, but they never turn out well. I usually have three people enter, and it's just not fun that way.

The most recent giveaway I have seen is for postcards. I wanted to enter, but one of the requirements was that you had to explain what you would use the postcards for. This stumped me. All I could think of was Christmas cards, but it is only March. I don't need save the date postcards just yet. The girls have a way to go before they will be getting married. Then I was thinking of maybe using them for some kind of promotional thing for my blogs, but what? Could I use them as over sized business cards? Is that a little tacky? Or really tacky? Or maybe I should make them into birthday party invitations, but do I really need 100 invites to a party? Maybe I could make them generic, so I can use them for all the kids?

What would you use postcards for?

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