Thursday, March 11, 2010

Planning A Move?

Are you planning on moving a long distance? Many of my old friends from New York are thinking of making the move down south, hoping to get away from a higher cost of living. When I moved to South Carolina, I was young. I didn't have very many possessions, so I loaded what little I had in my brothers car, and off we went. I would hate to think about moving all my things now. We recently moved across town, and it took us a week, and many, many truck loads to get our stuff to the new place.

If you are planning a big move, consider using U-Pack instead of truck rentals. With U-Pack, you only pay for the truck space that you use, and a driver drives the truck for you. This is a blessing, because it means that you can relax in your own vehicle, while someone else worries about your load. I know from experience that the trip from New York to South Carolina can take over 12 hours, and that is while sticking to the high end of the speed limit.

The best part about U-Pack is that they are comparable price wise to truck rentals, but with them, gas, taxes, and insurance are included in the price, so there are no surprises. So when you decide to move, let U-Pack move you.

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Beadwright said...

Great post about moving. In this day and age every penny counts with a big move.