Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Struggle

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A few weeks ago, I decided that my family was going to start eating better. I started with portion control, and let me tell you, the kids were not happy. I made the same foods I normally do, but instead of everyone loading up their plates, and then going back for seconds, I gave each of us a proper sized portion, and that was it. Ryan about had a fit when one night when I threw away the extra garlic toast instead of letting him eat it. I also learned that night to only prepare what we are going to eat. Had I thought ahead, I would not have had any to throw away.

This change is only the beginning, though. With the help of, I am finding other ways to help us get to healthy weights. I signed up for a free account, which gave me access to all types of resources that can help me in my quest. I found many articles related to portion control. They also link to blogs written by people who are living healthy lifestyles, and to me, they are an inspiration. I know what I want for myself and my family, and knowing where to find motivation is key. I struggle. I struggle every day. I know the choices I make impact my children, and I want, desperately, to be an inspiration to them. If I eat healthy, they will eat healthy. It's nice having somewhere I can go where I can find everything I am looking for in one place.

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I sure hope I am one of those people!
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