Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Know What's Nice?

Not having to bomb for bugs.

Junior and I are seasoned renters. In the 14 years we have been married, we have lived in several rental places. Most of the time, within a few days of moving, we find out that the new place is infested with creepy crawlies. It happened with the apartment, and with several places before that.

It's been a month since we have moved in here, and I have only seen one spider. Thankfully, I haven't seen any roaches. Those are the worst! One time, I made Junior move us out after two weeks because the bugs were so bad. I was afraid to turn the lights off at night and go to sleep. The landlord, of course, wouldn't do a thing about it, so we left. Thankfully, we hadn't signed a lease, so we didn't owe them any money.

It's so nice living in a pretty, clean house.

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B Boys Mom said...

Yuck I don't like bugs.