Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ADT Home Security

As most of you know, I live in South Carolina. Last week, a nearby town was terrorized by a serial killer. This person, and it pains me to call him that because in my opinion he was a monster, killed five innocent people. He had no preference. One of his victims was fifteen, and another was eighty three. I live very close to this town, and my daughter was terrified. She is a worrier to begin with, and all the news coverage was giving her nightmares. We spent a lot of time indoors this past week, with our doors locked. I can tell you, that was not a fun way to live. Luckily, the murderer was identified after he was shot and killed by the police.

This whole thing has got me thinking about my family's safety. I want to have a security system installed. I want to go with a company with a great reputation, and Junior suggested we go with a d t. They are America's #1 home security provider, and they protect all federal courthouses nationwide. They are so popular, they install more than eighty systems an hour. Once installed, your house is monitored twenty four hours a day. I know I will sleep better knowing someone is watching over my family.

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Jennifer said...

i really want a home security system, we live in a nice neighborhood which is comforting, but we also live on a lake with really expensive houses around us... most are second homes or vaction homes... so they are empty and i think that makes this area more of target... most of them are empty all winter... makes me nervous.