Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Car Repair

Most people want their car to be in perfect condition, inside and out. A well kept car shows that you have pride in your belongings, and that you like things neat. I have tried over and over to get Junior to keep our van clean, because it drives me crazy that he is such a slob. He does his side jobs out of the van, so there are always tools laying around that the kids have to step over. Luckily he likes keeping the outside clean, so most people never know how much of a slob he is.

We used to have this Camry, and about a month after we bought it, Junior had an accident. Instead of taking the car to an auto body shop irvine like most people would do, he had his friend help him do the repairs himself. We spent months driving around in a blue car with a black hood, fender, and door. I wish he had taken it to a collision repair expert. Maybe then it would have been put back to pre-accident condition.

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