Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remote Computer Access

I am not smart about computer things. I have a tendency to load up my computer with useless garbage that ultimately makes it run really slow and crash quite often. Luckily I have a brother who is a computer wizard. The only problem is that he lives an hour away. Back in November, I decided to install a new program that was supposed to scan for viruses. As usual, I did something wrong, and deleted all the other anti virus programs on my computer, as well as everything else that protects my computer from bad things. The horrible part was that I didn't realize I did anything wrong until a sneaky little virus kept telling me to download a certain program every time I opened a new page while online. I called my brother, and he told me where to go online to find the steps I needed to take to remove the virus. I remember the first step being that I had to find some hidden file, but it wasn't where they told me to look. I called my brother back, and he said he would need to look on my computer, so he had me download another program. At the time, I had no idea what it would do. After it was fully loaded, my brother took control of my computer from his house. I was floored! Turns out he had me download remote desktop software, which allowed him to log into my computer from his, at his house, an hour away. It was really neat watching him work, even though my computer was so messed up he couldn't fix it that night. He ended up having to take it from me and rebuild it from scratch. Since then, I have been very careful, and, knock on wood, haven't had any major problems.

The day my brother gave me back my computer, he had me download the software again so he could get on here whenever I have any problems. He taught me how to make sure the connection is secure, and that no one gets on here without my permission. The remote desktop software from Proxy Networks has 256-bit encryption, which is the highest in its class. They focus on security, so you know exactly who has access to your computer. I, personally, love knowing that one phone call can have my brother crawling around this computer, fixing all my screw ups.

Because lets face it, I have a tendency to screw up often.

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