Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad Movies

Kasi and I have been watching movies together. She likes scary movies, so we have been watching all the scary movies we can find. The last two we watched were horrible.
Now, I love a good scary movie, too. But there is a fine line between a good, bloody gory movie, and stupidity. I think I watched this movie, Valentine, alone, because it has Denise Richards in it, and she has a tendency to get naked. I was surprised to see Katherine Heigl in it. I love her, but they killed her off in the first five minutes, which was disappointing. (don't worry...I didn't give anything away with that). I don't know how I made it through the whole movie, because the acting was horrific. If I never see another movie with Denise Richards I will die happy girl. No one got naked, so I told Kasi she could watch it if she wanted to, but that it wasn't worth her time. She chose not to watch.

Smart girl.
We watched Midnight Movie together, and this one was okay. I did know any of the actors in it, although the "leading lady" Rebekah Brandes, looked familiar. The premise of the movie is that the killer of an old black and white film comes out of the screen to kill people. It was an idea we hadn't seen before, so it was interesting in that effect. There were a couple of adult moments that Kasi didn't seem to pick up on, but I wouldn't recommend this to movie for kids. Had I watched it first, she probably wouldn't have been allowed to see it.

Good parenting, huh?

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