Monday, July 6, 2009

Repeat Weekend

There was nothing on television this weekend. Harper's Island and True Blood were repeats. I did watch Army Wives and The Next Food Network Star because those were new. Have you guys seen the new show Hung on HBO? They had the pilot on last Sunday, and then played it again last night.

Basically, it is about a teacher who decides to make some extra money by selling himself to women. The pilot was pretty good, setting up the storyline. I was disappointed last night when they showed it again...I wanted to see something new.

I also watched the 6th episode of Nurse Jackie, and I am addicted. I love, love, love the characters in this show. I love that my cable company lets we watch episodes before they air.

I am really looking forward to this Saturday...the two hour finale of Harper's Island. Who will be left alive????

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