Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Blanket

Remember this blanket? I started it when I found out my older sister was pregnant, because I was convinced she was having a girl. When she found out the baby was a boy, I set it aside.

Sunday I was bored, so I pulled it back out and decided to finish it. My youngest sister, who is also pregnant, may have a girl, and I want it to be ready if she does. She didn't find out the sex at her ultrasound because they want to be surprised.

I really want her to have a girl but I think, by the way she is carrying, that she is also having a boy. If so, this blanket will be put away until someone has a girl.

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Jennifer said...

this is a beautiful blanket!!! i love the colors in it!!! i hope that your sister has a girl so she can get this gorgeous blanket for her new baby. :)

but if she also has a boy, I know you will make her something GREAT as well!!! you are sooo talented. i want to make some SUPER DUPER heavy duty blankets for the kids for this winter... I LOVE blankets can't get enough of them, so I thought making them would be cool... give me something to do and also give us MORE blankets!! lol

i also want to make one for the camper... so that it will match the colors of the camper. my mom has one in her camper it looks nice.. plus it's good for sungling and keeping warm!! :)

idealy i'd love to make one for each child, one or two for the back of the couch.. prob two and one for the back of the chair.. one for our bed and maybe just a few small-ish ones for a basket in the living room for the kids to grab and snuggle with or wrap up with while watching tv or something. lol

i know you would swear I live in sub-zero climate with NO heat... i'm just crazy. lol love blankets!! love them!!