Saturday, July 4, 2009

Putting In An Offer

Remember when I told you about the house my mom was looking at that had the in ground pool and the workshop out back? Turns out that it hasn't sold yet, so my mom's realtor is going to see about putting in an offer. Of course, it would be contingent on the home inspection. This is such an important step, and should be done by a company who has the buyers interests as their priority. New Jersey Home Inspectors do not work for the banks or the realtors. They work for the buyer, and give an honest report of what needs to be fixed in a home. The last house my mom put an offer in on, she ended up getting out of it due to all the problems the home inspector found. I hope this house has less problems, or even no problems at all, and she is able to get it. I hate seeing her get her hopes up, just to be disappointed again.

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