Monday, July 6, 2009

Orlando Inflatable Bounce House Rentals

My father had his 60th birthday party at an ice skating rink/inflatables center. The older grandchildren had a great time ice skating, while the younger grandchildren bounced on the inflatables. It was Ryan and Kasi's first time skating, and they caught on pretty quickly. Brandi put one skate on the ice and freaked out, so I spent the rest of the party with her on the inflatables. She had so much fun, and has been begging me ever since to have inflatables at her birthday in December. The only problem is that the weather is very unpredictable, and it could be too cold to be outside. I wish we lived in Florida, because then we could take advantage of Orlando Bounce House Rentals. They have this Rain Day Guarantee, where if the weather is unfavorable the day of your party, Orlando inflatable bounce house rentals will arrange for you to have your party indoor at one of their Monkey Joe's locations. Maybe I will just save myself the headache of worrying about the weather and look into having her party at Monkey Joe's instead of at our house. The only problem is that her birthday is so close to Christmas, and money is tight that time of year. I guess I need to start putting money aside now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn!

Joel McLaughlin

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