Monday, July 6, 2009

Looking For Furniture

I am so tired. The past three days have been busy ones, and I just want to crash. I want to crawl in my bed and sleep for about thirty hours. I know that's impossible, especially since I share my bed with a seven year old. Junior and I have been looking at bedroom furniture, trying to find something that will work better for us, maybe bunk beds or something. I need to get Brandi into her own bed soon, because she is getting big enough that she thinks she owns the bed. I spend half the night removing her knees from my kidneys.

While we were looking for beds, we also found some cute Bathroom vanities. There is no point in us buying one, though, because the landlord would never approve of us putting in a new one, especially since we would expect them to pay for it. The one we have now is so small, the kids keep their things on the toilet tank. I wish we could change that, but we'll just have to make due until we move to some place bigger.

We were also looking at outdoor furniture because I want a lounge chair for by the pool, that way while the kids swim I can relax with a good book. At least we would be able to take that with us when we move.

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