Thursday, July 8, 2010

California, Here We Come. Or Not.

 I have been getting letters in the mail recently from the kids schools.  This year, they will each be in a different school, which is going to make registration day a little hectic.  Or at least that's what I thought.  Turns out Ryan registers a week before the girls do, on August 3rd.  That is less than a month away!

I don't know why Summer is going by so fast.  As of yet, we haven't been on vacation, and we don't have any plans to do so.  Junior was talking about booking a couple of nights at the Holiday Inn Palmdale CA, which would be great if we lived closer to California. Unfortunately, we live on the opposite coast, so booking any type of Palmdale Lodging would be crazy.  I do not fly, so we would have to drive there, and that would mean at least three days in the van.  The gas alone for the trip could bankrupt us! 

However, visiting California would be awesome.  There are so many places I would love to visit, and my kids would love to put their feet in the Pacific Ocean.  Brandi has been bugging me for year to take her to the beach, and I hear that California has some beautiful ones.  We could stay in lancaster ca hotels and relax for a week or two.

Or, we can stay home and plan some day trips to places a little closer to home.  I hear the South Carolina coast has some nice beaches, too.

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