Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Boys Work Well Together

My son is just like my husband.  They could both spend their days inside an Ace Hardware Superstore and never get bored.   They love power tools and cars, and fixing anything they can get their hands on.  In fact, my son will take something apart just to see how it fits backs together.

When our water lines broke in the house we used to live it, Ryan was right up under Junior's skin, watching everything he did to fix the problem.  They even shopped for Discount Plumbing Supplies together. I love that Junior is patient enough (most of the time) to let Ryan watch him fix things, and ask questions.  It's a great way for him to learn.  There was a saying I learned while working my first job as a teenager, and it was, "Tell me, I'll forget.  Show me, I'll remember.  Let me try, I'll understand.".  Junior has no problem letting Ryan work right beside him, and help as much as he can.  In fact, Ryan can now change brake pads and do other minor repairs on cars, all because Junior took the time to let him learn from him.

Ryan has also helped Junior do a lot of work around my mom's house.  He has assisted in the cutting down of trees, the running of water lines and electrical outlets, and all kinds of other things.  Last weekend, he cut my mom's grass for her.  As a thank you, my mom is going to buy him the Wolverine Work Boots he has had his eye on.  

I know that this time spent with his dad means a lot to Ryan, and I hope someday, if and when he has a son of his own, they will have the same kind of relationship.

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