Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Teenaged Boys Dream

I have a fourteen year old son, Ryan.  Just like every other boy this age, he is dreaming of getting his license in a few years.  He is also determined to have his own vehicle before he gets his license, that way he is fully prepared for the road when the time comes.  I am not too happy about this, because I now have an old, ugly truck sitting in my driveway, waiting to be driven by newly licensed teenager.

The truck is in no way road ready, and it will probably take Junior and Ryan a while to fix it up.  They know what is wrong with it, but don't have the money to put into it right now.  They talked about sending it to a auto repair in san diego, but quickly realized that it would be a great bonding experience if they did the work themselves.  I suggested waiting until Ryan could pay for the parts himself before starting the repairs.  In a few months he will be fifteen, and he is already gathering applications for employment from local establishments.  He's too young to do brake repair san diego, even though he knows how to do that.   In fact, I think the last time Junior replaced the brakes on our van, Ryan did most of the work.  Someday he might be doing san diego bmw repair, but for now, he is going to concentrate on fixing up his truck, so that when he gets his license, it will be ready to go.  

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