Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last month, I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary.  When we got married, we didn't have much money.  We weren't one of those couple who saved their money for years before saying "I do".  In fact, we didn't know each other very long before we got married.  Our wedding took place exactly six months from the day we met.  I didn't dream of shopping in a San Diego Jewelry store for a ring.  In fact, Junior asked what kind of cut I liked, and the next day I had a ring on my finger.   Not just any ring, though.  It's the perfect ring, because he chose it for me.

I didn't have to pour through San Diego Diamond Rings.  I didn't have to hint for months about which ring I wanted. Like I said, we didn't have much money, so even getting a ring at all was special.  There were so many other things he could have spent that money on, considering I was a little pregnant at the time.  But, he wanted me to have a symbol of our love, and it still sits on my finger today.

I did have a say on my wedding band, though.  Again, I didn't want anything fancy.  In fact, it is a simple gold band, and it matches my ring perfectly.  We didn't buy it at a San Diego Wedding Bands store, we bought it at a local flea market.  I know, that sounds crazy,but back then, it was all we could afford.  And it was all I wanted.

It's still all I want.

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