Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purple Plaid?

I am trying to find a way to exercise that I will enjoy.  That is the key for me; if I don't enjoy doing something, I just flat out won't do it.   That is how exercise and I have gotten along for my entire life so far. That is also why I am overweight.

One of the best ways to get exercise, without actually exercising, is to play golf.  Or so I've been told.  All the walking and swinging of clubs is supposed to be a good workout. I like mini-golf, but it doesn't seem relaxing to me to try and get a little ball in a little hole from so far away.  But, I am thinking about giving it a try.

I am not going to invest in any ladies golf clothing just yet, though. I never understood the outfits some guys golf in.  Plaid from head to toe?  Why?  I mean, if there is a reason for it, then that's one thing.  But I don't think I would willingly wear plaid, unless maybe it was cute little golf skorts.  Or maybe, just maybe, I'd wear a pair of plaid ladies golf shorts.  But it would have to be purple plaid, and I wouldn't wear a matching shirt.  Or socks.  I mean, I have my limits.

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