Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Hearing A Lot Of Good Things About These Glasses

Check out these glasses. Can you see the little stockings on the sides? Adorable, right? They make these glasses the perfect finish to any holiday outfit.

Okay, maybe not with that little black dress, but these holiday eyeglasses frames are a great holiday accessory. These come from Zenni optical. I have been wanting to try their glasses for a long time, but it's not time to have my eyes checked yet. Junior is going to have his vision checked in February, and I think we are going to order his glasses through Zenni. A friend of mine recently bought two pairs of glasses from them, and she said the quality is great. You can also read another review here. It is just one of the many out in blog land, from actual customers of Zenni optical. It's nice to know that you can get quality eyeglasses at a low price.

When I finally get around to ordering from them, I am sure I will also be writing a review.

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B Boys Mom said...

These are very pretty holiday glasses.