Friday, December 18, 2009

Peanut Butter Balls

Today was cookie day! This is an annual tradition with my mom and sister, where we pick a day and do nothing but bake. All day.

It is so much fun!

I was worried this morning that I wouldn't get to go, because they were predicting winter weather. The kids had half a day, and when I walked outside to get Brandi off the bus around 11, I stood in a sleet storm.

Colleen decided to come get me anyway, and since Junior works about two miles from my moms house, he met me there when he got off. (I didn't want mom or Colleen to have to drive me home if the roads got bad) Ryan and Kasi were home, and about 3 he called me and said the roads were getting white here, and that our little bridge (driveway) was a sheet of ice. My moms house was just getting a mixture of rain and ice, but nothing was sticking.

We decided to leave before it got too bad to drive. The closer we got to our house, the worse the roads got. By the time we got home, we had seen two cars that drove off the road, and the roads were all icy. But while we were at my moms, I got two different cookies made. One of them was peanut butter balls. I found the recipe online, and it was horrible. It didn't call for graham cracker crumbs, so I added those in for texture. Apparently I didn't add enough, and they are mushy inside the chocolate. But, they taste like a reese peanut butter cup, so I am not complaining. Brandi helped, too, which was fun.

Hopefully next year we can pick a better day to bake!

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