Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Close Call

I mentioned on my other blog that my yard is one big mud puddle. Or maybe that was facebook. Either way, our yard is a soggy swampy mess. When we went out this afternoon, hubby decided to park on the other side of the fence and walk over to our house, because the van was getting stuck in the mud. Who knew that would be the best decision we would make today.

About an hour after getting home, I am sitting here blog hopping, and all of a sudden we heard an awful cracking, followed by a whoosh.

A huge pine tree in our yard toppled over!

And landed in the exact spot where we usually park our car!

Thank God we parked it on the other side, or we would be hurting right now.

And thank God it didn't land on the house.

As soon as I get my computer back I will post pictures.

1 comment:

B Boys Mom said...

See sometimes we just have to go with a feeling. God it telling us something. Thank goodness he parked else where. You would of been calling the insurance company instead of blogging. Blogging is much more fun.