Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is getting cold outside. Luckily the rain has finally stopped, so my leaks are no longer dripping. Unfortunately, my yard is still so muddy. We have a lot of tress lining our yard, so the sun is blocked most of the day, which means the ground doesn't heat up. This means the mud is not drying up. When the tree fell, the guy who came to cut it up pulled a huge truck into the yard, and completely ruined the grass, so now I have mud where there used to be grass. I am going to have to invest in some boots for the family soon if I want to keep our feet dry. Junior said yesterday that he is going to get some grass seed to try and grow some grass. I don't see how that will help if we are going to keep driving on it. The other side of the duplex has a gravel parking spot, but there is a wood fence between us and them. Junior insists on driving around the fence, all over the grass, to park in front of our apartment. This is just ruining our grass, too. But, hopefully if it continues to stay cold, the ground will freeze, and somehow the mud will disappear. Hopefully!

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