Sunday, January 18, 2009

What To Do

When we moved in this apartment, it was so nice to have the shed that we were able to use. If only we knew then what we know now. My Easter stuff is ruined, and the tree for my Christmas tree is soaked. It seems there is a huge hole in the roof, that they covered with a tarp. We thought the tarp kept the rain out. Yeah, not so much. Now we need to look into climate controlled storage because the house is just too small to store the stuff in here, and if we get climate controlled, I can put even more in it. Right now, the top of my bedroom closet has boxes of candles and craft things that can't get too hot, or too cold. I guess it's just one more monthly bill we'll need to find money for.

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Jennifer said...

don't you just love finding out the hard way that the roof where you are keeping all your stuff leaks. ugh! we had that at our old house w/ the barn that we used for storage... sucky sucky!!
hope it wasn't too damaged and you can at least salvage some of it.

good luck finding a place for storage, up here there are a few of them, but i'm not sure how good they are... I just wouldn't want to have to drive very far to get my stuff.