Monday, January 12, 2009

Study Habits

Ryan just got home from school, and my blood is boiling!

Report cards come home next week, and he has his first "F".

I am very frustrated because this is in the class where the teacher wanted to do a conference, and when hubby went, he was out sick, and never rescheduled. Okay, maybe I can take the blame for that, because I listened to my son when he told me that he was making up work, and his grade was improving. I am sure as hell going to request a conference now, because obviously something isn't working. I am in no way blaming the teacher, because I know Ryan can be lazy when it comes to getting his work done. I am just very frustrated that he is failing.

I never failed a class in school....ever.

My husband failed all the time.

I do not want my kids failing. And neither does Junior. He is as mad as I am.

So I told Ryan no computer/playstation/gameboy/television/portable DVD player/electronics of any kind for the next 5 weeks, until I see a progress report with at least a "B".

Am I being unreasonable?

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Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Heck no Sistah I am with ya! Grades before everything else!!!
Good luck! Tell Ryan we are thinking of him and wishing him well!!!

Take care Jenn!!!