Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Former Nudist

I found the coolest website that sells t-shirts. I was browsing, of course, for a tootsie roll shirt for Carson, my nephew. You see, when he was a newborn, Junior pretended to let him suck on a tootsie roll, and my sister Colleen, his mom, freaked. Ever since then, my husband has been wanting to find him a tootsie roll t-shirt. It's not exactly easy to find.

Even though I did not find any tootsie rolls shirts here, I did find a bunch of cool t shirts for kids, and thought the one pictured is pretty funny! Former nudist...that's so cute!

I also found a fresh t shirt for Ryan. Even though it is a man's t-shirt, he is big enough now to wear a small in mens. It has a picture of a Lamborghini, and says "Fresh Like That". That is certainly something he would like and wear.

And of course I had to find something for myself, and this green t-shirt that says "respect your mother" is perfect! I am constantly telling Ryan there are things I never want to hear come out of his mouth, like how he is into boobs now, and that he should respect me. If I wear this shirt, all I'll have to do is point!


Sam, Missy and Alex said...


MySweetThree said...

Is there one that says "current nudist"? lol, both my kids still like to wear nothing!
Well...that statement on a t-shirt kind of defeats the purpose of a t-shirt then, huh? Since it won't be worn? is too late for me, obviously, I need some sleep! ha ha...maybe I will make sense in the morning! =)

Heidi said...

=D Lol! That's great! I have a former nudist too! Occasionally (when left to her own devices) she still is!!! I'll go check out the t-shirt site!