Monday, January 19, 2009



Becomes This:

Pretty cute, huh? I got this at Hobby Lobby after Christmas for about a dollar. I still need to paint the board, but I think it looks cute. Brandi and I spent yesterday painting, because she was bored. Kasi went to spend the night at her friends house, and poor Boo was left to fend for herself. Somehow it ended up being my job to entertain her, so we painted. I'll post pictures later of what she painted.


Jennifer said...

very cute! i love finding great deals like this... after the holidays is the best time to shop... IF you have any money left over. lol

I say that we should all "do Christmas" after income tax money is back and EVERYTHING is on sale still!! :)

just my thought.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I agree with Jennifer! Christmas after the holidays!!!yay!

I think the puzzle is Neat-O!!

forgetfulone said...

Very cute! Now, glue it, coat it with a spray, and frame it! Would make a great gift, too!