Friday, December 5, 2008

I bought these cute little ornament kits on Black Friday for the kids to do. I found them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $4.99. I let Brandi do hers when she got home from school today, and she had so much fun. It was so easy too. All she had to do was use the markers. I was expecting them to have to dry, or the markers would wipe off, but that wasn't the case. They dried instantly. I love the way she wrote merry Christmas on the round one, although you can not really see it in the picture. Ryan and Kasi will get to do theirs later, so I will post more pictures when they are done.

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Jennifer said...

that is a very cool kit! i bet my kids would love to do that too. if i am near bed bath and beyond tonight after shots... i will have to see if i can get a kit or two. what a great keepsake!!


PS love that lil' brandi girl... she is so stinkin' cute!!