Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I need some ideas. The kids are out of school starting Friday afternoon. That means we will be cooped up together, anxious for Christmas. I need some craft ideas that we can do together. I have some leftover ornaments from Brandi's party that they can paint, but that will only take a couple of hours. I also have a lot of baking to do, and they can help with that. Hubby is off Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, so hopefully we can get out of the house a little. We don't have much extra money, so maybe you guys have some ideas for cheap things to do? I want to make this vacation fun for them.

My sister and her family will be down the week after Christmas, so they will have their cousins to play with then. I haven't seen them in about a year and a half, so I am excited about the visit. Her boys are growing up so fast...


MySweetThree said...

Did you happen to try the permanent sand sculpture yet? I may have missed it if you posted about I was out of the blogging loop for a bit. Maybe you can take cereal boxes or other cardboard food boxes..make some journals or something? I don't know...I don't have much to keep the older kids busy...My kids are still in the playdough, coloring, glueing stage right now..I imagine it gets harder to keep the kids entertained as they get older, huh?

forgetfulone said...

If you lived in Texas, you could go on a picnic. It's 8 PM and almost 80 degrees outside still!

What about fuzzy posters? Or fuzzy bookmarks they could give to family as gifts after they color.

I know I've read that Ryan likes to bake, and your girls probably do, too, so what about making a gingerbread house?

There's always TV, computer, board games, and cards.

Jennifer said...

hi. i'm outta ideas... but i'm sure you will come up with some great ideas. you always do. :)